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How to See the Web History in Gmail?

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What is I tell you, here are more places where the record for your insidious searches are kept? To that end, what if I tell you that your primary Email service Application, Gmail is responsible for that?

There are two reactions one can gather from you; either you are exasperated to an endless extent or you didn’t comprehend it to fully understand the nature of the issue. Google keeps tab on your searches every time you go online. And no, we are not only talking about your jaunt in the web browser. We are talking about the very website itself.

If you have a Gmail account, you must now know that Google keeps tabs on the web history of all Gmail users at all times.

Before making you have one on one with your own browsing history. Gmail customer support discusses:

Why it is important got Google to know your browsing history?

Google, for the lack of a better term, accumulates information about its users to provide them with better search result. Ethical conundrum aside, this method had been utterly outstanding with providing the users with appropriate results.

Now we take on the learning steps that help you access your surfing past using the titular account.

Steps to access your surfing past in Gmail:

  1. Firstly, you have to sign in to your “Google history Page”.  You can do this by using your already present credentials. To this end, type in ”” in your address bar and then log in when the page appears.
  2. After the login is complete, treat yourself to the deep analysis of your browsing history. You would encounter two bar graphs that show the search intensity along with the keywords you used often. Additionally, all of this information would be time stamped.
  3. On the left menu, you would be presented with various search options. Among these options, there is “All”, “videos”, ”images”,”web”. These choices present you with the past pertaining to the mentioned data type.
  4. Fortunately, you are also given an option to remove much of this data. To do this, click the checkbox beside the entries. After these entities are marked, you can just as easily remove them by clicking on the remove button. For a major shortcut, you can remove the entire past activities by marking the checkbox besides “all” and clicking the remove button.

The web browsing history holds an importance for the Gmail as well as the Google. But with privacy issues abound, it is safe to know about who is tracking you and then managing the account as you see fit.

If you have further queries, contact Gmail Technical support Number +353-766042738.

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